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Popular Bath Types at Luna Spas

Unsure of what shaped of bath tub you require for your bathroom? Here at Luna Spas we pride ourselves of building good relationships with our suppliers so in turn we get access to the best products and latest styles.

Our bath type section allows you to shop by bath shape or type. You will find many different style from corner baths to shower baths to large baths to free standing baths.

Whatever it is you are looking for, even if you don’t know yet you are sure to find it here.

  • Which type of bath tub is for me?

    With all the different styles of baths that are available it can be a minefield navigating page after page of bath tubs that look very similar. In this section we have merchandised our products into individual types. These options can be seen above, we have tried to include all major categories for yu to browse through. Don’t forget once you are within the sections use our handy filters to narrow you search down.

    For a brief description of each type of bath we available please read on.

  • Corner / Offset Whirlpool Baths

    Corner baths are as the name suggests baths that are designed to go in the corner of the room. These can be put into two categories, corner and offset. Corner baths tend to be completely symmetrical with the same length sides. Offset baths have one side longer than the other, these types of bath are often handed.

    Click to browse corner bath designs.
  • Corner image

  • Shower Whirlpool Baths

    Shower baths are designed to be baths you can have a proper shower i, not just regular rectangular baths with a bath screen. If you follow the link you will see we offer two designs in two different sizes. The designs are created to maximize the space you have for showering while also being fully fledged bath tubs

    Follow the link to see our all of our shower baths.
  • Shower image

  • Straight Whirlpool Baths

    The straight baths section has by far the most choices and size options for you from 1200mm in length to 1900mm and all that’s in between, even tricky lengths like 1675mm and widths like 825mm. All the variations allow you to find the correct bath for you which maximizes bathing space. The baths are offered up as single and double ended. Single ended means the waste is at one end and the double ended baths feature the waste in the middle so 2 people can share easily.

    Click to see the many straight baths we have on offer.
  • Straight image

  • Traditional Whirlpool Baths

    Our traditional baths aim to bring heritage bang up to date. Traditional doesn’t have to mean old and boring click the image or below to see our full range compromising styles which are bound to please you. With size options from 1700x700 to 1700x750 you are bound to find what you like.

    Click to find traditional baths for you.
  • Traditional image

  • Small Whirlpool Baths

    Small baths are determined by any that have size options less than 1700mm. In our comprehensive range, we have 1200mm, 1500, 1600mm and 1675mm covered. Small baths are ideal when space is at a premium. Just because the external dimensions are small does not mean the bathing area is limited.

    Click on the follow the link below to find out more.
  • Small image
  • Free Standing

  • Inset Whirlpool Baths

    Inset whirlpool baths if used in conjunction with our tileable panels can create a stunning effect, which never grows tiresome. The idea of an inset bath is that you build a frame and ‘drop’ the bath into it to create a perfect oasis. In some occasions you can lay a marble top on top of the bath to create an equally stunning look.

    Follow the link to see what Inset whirlpool baths are on offer at Luna Spas.

  • Steel Whirlpool Baths

    Most baths are made of acrylic and as technology has increased the thermo properties have increased dramatically as well. Meaning acrylic baths retain there heat for a long time. However there is something very charming about a steel bath, once its hot the whole shell of the bath tub feels wonderfully warm, and being steel with a think enamel finish these will last and last.

    See all the steel baths we have available.

  • Want to find out more?

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