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How to clean a whirlpool bath?

Below you find our recommended cleaning program for the whirlpool baths we sell.

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  • How often should I clean my whirlpool bath?

    While the systems we offer are fully self-draining i.e. no trapped water is left behind in the system or the jets once the bath is drained. As with ownership of anything a cleaning routine is required. It should be noted that the cleaning some of the components you cant see on your whirlpool bath i.e the jet bodies and pipework is really straightforward and easy!

    Following the below easy steps you will be able to easily stay on top of maintenance. Its recommended to do the following once a month, depending on usage.

    • Either fill the bath with warm water to a level 2" above the highest jets, or leave water in the bath after using.
    • Add a sterilising tab or measure of whirlpool cleaner.
    • Run the whirlpool for 5 minutes. Then turn off the whirlpool system and drain the water.
    • If desired, rinse baths surfaces with water.

    Cleaning the surface you can see.

    As with any regular bath tub the preferred technique for cleaning the surface of the bath requires a mild, non- abrasive liquid bathroom cleaner and a soft cloth, this is true for the chrome jets as well. Do not apply an abrasive household cleaner; it could damage your surfaces. Also be vigilant with all cleaning labels, making sure the products are safe for you.

    Cleaning the components you cant see.

    To clean a whirlpool bath is slightly different in procedure and general prowess from a basic tub and shower cleaning routine. Be mindful that the Jacuzzi bath has chrome whirlpool jets fixed to the shell of the bath. These jets create that unique whirlpool spa experience, but they also draw in and push out the water that gets used in the bath. This process of recycling the water makes it important to clean and maintain a routine that not only cleans the bathtub thoroughly, but also cleans the component parts

    It is recommended to only use dedicated whirlpool bath oils and low foaming bath salts, as some oil-based bath soaps or additives such as bubble baths. This is because the whirlpool action will intensify the foaming properties and the residue could stick to the internal pipework.

    How often should I clean my whirlpool bath?

    It can be personal preference but we recommend once a month or more often for whirlpool tubs that get a lot of use especially if oils and shampoos are regularly put through the system.

    In Conclussion

    By following these simple steps discussed in this article there really is no effort or time wasted in caring for your whirlpool bath, ensuring trouble free ownership for many, many years to come.