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Bath Accessories

Decided on the right bath tub for you, now what? When it comes to customizing your whirlpool bath, we have just what you are looking, be it tileable panels, bath screens or a Bluetooth audio system that will turn your therapeutic soak into a symphony - we’ve got it.

Please take your time to browse below and take in all the amazing products we have sourced to complement your dream tub.

As always, we are here if you need us, full contact details can be found in the site header or below.

  • What accessories do I need for my new whirlpool bath?

    Here at Luna Spas we try and make everything as straight forward and simple for you the customer when purchasing a new bath tub. Our baths are simple to install they in effect plug in and plumb in. When purchasing a bath from us it should be noted that the baths are supplied without a waste (bath plug), taps (valves for filling the bath) or panels (excluding shower baths and corner baths – these are supplied with panels). This is because there is so much choice when it comes to bath wastes, taps, and panels. Perhaps you are looking to tile the bath in, or mount a shower above the bath and want to fill the bath using a shower valve with two outlets. Due to this large array of different options, we like to leave the choice up to you so you can create the look you are going for in you bathroom oasis.

  • Bath wastes and fillers

    When it comes to keeping the water in the bath and then letting when you are finished you will require a waste. There are many options available to you both in design and function. We offer straight forward bath wastes in various styles, bath filler wastes (without valves) – these allow the bath to be filled up from chrome cover using a valve mounted elsewhere. This could be a shower valve mounted on the wall with 2 outlets, allowing you to operate the overhead shower and the filling of the bath. Available on this page are a selection of valves from the best brands around. Also on this page are combined bath fillers with integral valves. These are an all in one option, which can both fill the bath and contain the water in the bath, these perhaps represent the best value.

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  • Bath panels

    When deciding on the overall look for your bathroom, careful consideration should be taken on where you will position you tub. Will it go in a corner, with 2 sides exposed, perhaps you have a 3 walled alcove in which one of our models will fit in perfectly or maybe it will back up to feature wall with 3 sides showing, either way you are going to need panels. We have a large selection of panels from our trusted suppliers, from rigid acrylic panels, through vinyl wrapped wooden panels to tileable panels. *Please note our shower baths and corner baths are supplied with dedicated panels.

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  • Bath screens

    Perhaps you are looking for a bath screen to fit to an existing bath or maybe you are looking for one to go with your new bath either way we are sure to have what you are looking for. All of our screens are made from safety glass and are hinged to allow for easy access.

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  • Whirlpool bath cleaner

    Our whirlpool baths are probably the best performing and most hygienic systems on the market due there total draining, however as with ownership of anything, it will need cleaning from time to time. For the parts you can not reach with a damp cloth, we recommend our whirlpool cleaning solution or sterilizing tabs. Depending on use and whether you using bath oils etc. the baths should be cleaned every 2 weeks or so or however often you clean your bathroom. Simply pour in cleaning solution or drop a tab in after you have finished your soak, let the system run for 5 minutes and drain.

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  • Luxury bath accessories

    We have an array of luxury options you can choose to make your bathing experience even more tranquil and rewarding - from bath pillows to a Bluetooth audio system that turns your bath into the cone of a speaker, transmitting audio waves through your bath water and into your bathroom.

    Amazing bath tub options this way!
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  • Need anything clarifying?

    There can be a lot to digest when looking to purchase a whirlpool bath. We are here to try and make it as easy as possible for you. There are numerous ways to contact us, either pick up the phone and call 01254 786 444 or simply click the following link for all the other ways you can reach us. Contact page