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How are the whirlpool baths controlled?

We fit 3 different types of controls to our whirlpool baths. 1 type is the chrome flush fitting C-Lenda pneumatic control. The other 2 types are electronic and are demonstrated in the below video.

  • How the whirlpool baths are controlled

    The above video shows the three different controls we fit to our whirlpool systems, pneumatic, electronic and touch sensitive electronic.

  • Quantum - The first up is the chrome flush fit pneumatic control that is fitted to our Quantum 14 jet systems. This is the best pneumatic control you can buy, it has a stainless steel edge so it protrudes less than 1mm into the bath.

  • Super Lux - The second control that you are shown is fitted to our Super Lux systems. This control is electronic and very sleek in design. All our controls have undergone rigorous testing, so they will provide years and years of quality service. Dont forget all our baths are covered with a comprehensive 5 year guarantee.

  • Tranquility - The third up is the piece de resistance, this is the control we fit as standard to our Tranquility Pool whirlpool baths. This is a touch operated glass fronted control that not only is back lit but it operates with just the lightest of touches. This is pinnacle of luxury in hydrotherapy. For a full description of how this control works please click tranquility instructions.

  • Want to discuss what is the best control for you?

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