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Are whirlpool baths safe for children?

At Luna Spas we take safty very seriously and as such fit safe-flow technology to all our baths. This can sometime be referred to a child safety suction filter.

  • What makes Luna Spas systems the safest available?

    We fit Safe-Flow technology to all our whirlpool bath systems (Quantum, Super Lux and Tranquility), we think it's essential for both safety and longevity. We do not recommend installing or using a whirlpool bath that doesn't have this fitted. The Safe-Flow suction prevents both body and hair entrapment by using a unique sensing device that introduces air into the pump, stopping the suction pressure within seconds of being activated.

    How a Safe-Flow Suction Works

    Below we will detail, how the Safe-Flow suction works by discussing the following 4 steps:

    • Where the safety valve is fitted.
    • How the safety valve works.
    • What happens when an obstruction comes in contact with the suction cover?
    • How the obstruction becomes easy to remove.

    • SAFE-Flow SUCTION STEP 1 - Fitament

      Safe Flo Suction System

      The suction assembly is mounted as shown above. A 5mm tube connects to a safety valve mounted up close to the underside of the bath flange.

      SAFE-Flow SUCTION STEP 2 - How the safety valve works

      When the bath is filled with water, the 5mm connecting tube also fills with water. The safety valve prevents the water from spilling out the top of the tube should the bath be overfilled.

      SAFE-Flow SUCTION STEP 3 - What happens when an obstruction comes in contact with the suction cover?

      When the pump is running and long hair or an obstruction comes in near contact with the suction cover, it is drawn towards the centre of the cover, restricting the small safety sensing hole in the centre.

      SAFE-Flow SUCTION STEP 4 - How the obstruction becomes easy to remove

      When this hole becomes restricted, a venturi effect is created within the suction elbow, creating suction down the 5mm tube.

      Air is quickly drawn into the suction line causing the pump to activate and stop pumping, allowing the hair to be easily pulled away.

      Once clear, the air stops getting drawn into the pump allowing the flow to start up again.