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Do you offer VAT relief for disabilities?

A question we are frequently asked is do whirlpool hydrotherapy baths qualify for VAT relief, in short the answer is ‘yes’ they are eligible, there are however a couple of conditions please read on to find out more.

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  • How do I apply for VAT exemption?

    At In an attempt to simplify what seems like a complicated and vague system when it comes to VAT exemption, Luna Spas have created a simple and straight forward guide to help you navigate your way to qualifying and receiving VAT Relief on disability aids available to buy on our website.

    The fact of the matter is, if you are disabled, generally speaking, you have to pay VAT on most purchases. However, it is also true that VAT relief is available on a limited number of goods and services specifically for the chronically sick or disabled.

    A frequently asked question by our customers is whether it is possible to supply certain goods VAT free? Quite simply, the answer is yes but for one stipulation, which is we require the completion of an eligibility form, that is then submitted to HMRC on your behalf, in order to comply with the 701/7 VAT reliefs for disabled people notice. Also receipt of disability-related benefits may help you to prove more easily that you qualify for VAT relief but in our case we will require the completion in writing of the eligibility form.

    Do not forget that when purchasing items at the zero rate, make sure that you ask your supplier to apply the reduced rate of VAT if you are eligible.

    Disability VAT Exemption form

    Do whirlpool baths from Luna Spas qualify for VAT exemption?

    So, in terms of eligibility for a hydro therapy / whirlpool baths do they qualify for VAT relief? Simple answer is YES, however the bath will need to be built specifically to suit your needs. Here at Luna spas, we can tailor make your product to your exacting needs, for example, you may require moving the controls to the top ledge of the bath so they do not obstruct any hoist/lift or you may require specific jet configurations with an inline heater to help soothe muscles and extra chromotherapy lighting to give sensory stimulation. In these cases you will be eligable for VAT relief

    It should also be remembered that, the supply of providing, extending or adapting a bathroom, washroom or lavatory for use by disabled persons is zero-rated if this is done in the disabled persons private residence or an eligible charitys residential home.

    Other products, which are handy to know can also be eligible include radiators. Where low surface temperature radiators are supplied in connection with qualifying construction services, they may also be zero-rated. If such radiators are fitted as part of the supply in washrooms or lavatories which are being provided, extended or adapted in a building or any part of a building, for use principally by an eligible charity for charitable purposes, they may also be zero-rated.

    Other things to bare in mind

    Here are a few simple facts to put your mind at ease and to help illustrate two points - that we do not have any control over which items are exempt and that we do not make any money either way whether you are charged or not.

    Perhaps of more importance and relevance to you, the customer all the details you provide are strictly confidential and private. If, for whatever reason you are not eligible for VAT exemption we are obliged to charge you full VAT on the whole of your order.

    Also, you should be aware that even after completion of the form, we are obliged to charge VAT at the prevailing rate for those products that are not VAT exempt since it still remains true that not all products are eligible for VAT relief.

    With a little bit of research into your product of choice and by following our guidelines, claiming TAX exemption should become a straight-forward and highly beneficial process.

    If you require any further information on this please us our Contact Us page or alternatively call us on 01254 786 444.

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